Our activities for companies: fun and teamwork

Solve a mystery, close a police case, find an antidote, defuse a bomb… our escape games are the team building activities you’ve been looking for!


Our games for big groups


A missing partner with a shady investigation on-going. Will you be able to unravel the evidence and defuse the bomb?

  • 6-60

  • 60′

  • escape box

  • ES, CA, EN

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The tasting

All united to celebrate! After the initial toast you receive a mysterious message that will make you work against the clock to save your lives…

  • 9-80

  • 60′

  • escape box

  • ES, CA, EN

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Detectius Literaris

The Riding Hood Investigations agency is recruiting agents to help solve a case in the world of the Grimm Brothers tales.

  • 50-150

  • 45′-120′

  • street escape

  • CA

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Quien calla otorga

Year 1936. The most anticipated theatrical premiere of the year on Broadway. One dead and many suspects. Who is the murderer?

  • 12-40

  • 75′-120′

  • live cluedo

  • ES


The waves of this radio station in a small mountain town are all yours. Cooperate to broadcast the programme!

  • 12-100

  • 60′-120′

  • live role-playing

  • ES

Gigantic Carcassonne

The classic board game, now giant-sized! Collaborate with your companions by building roads, cities, fields or monasteries.

  • 5-25

  • 30′-90′

  • giant boardgame

  • ES, CA, EN


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