Two birds with one stone: help us and escape with a discount!

The global crisis of COVID-19 has put the world in check. Thanks to everybody’s solidarity and unity we all are going to make it. Escape Masnou has taken all the legal and necessary measures to reduce the risk of contagion to the maximum, even going so far as to temporarily cease our activity. This has left us in a vulnerable situation, in which income is non-existent but we must continue to face expenses.

For all this, we launched the SOS voucher. Support us by buying now a €15 voucher and we will compensate you with 20% of its price, that is, you pay €15 and get €18 to use for any of our games.

You will receive by email a code to redeem with a validity of one year from the moment of purchase, extendable for periods of forced closure of activity due to COVID-19. When booking any game, €18 will be automatically deducted by entering the code on the web.

aventura  vale regalo fecha abierta 1 año de validez regalo fácil y rápido
By e-mail
Open date
Valid 1 year