Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to organize a children’s party. What options are there?2023-01-06T23:15:45+01:00

The formula that we offer in our premises is 1 hour game + 1 hour party. There is a monitor that accompanies them during the game, so they can play independently without parents.


Depending on the ages of the children, we have several game options.

Ages 8 to 12:

“The Witch’s Luggage” is a magic-themed portable escape game that can be played both at our location and at home (anywhere it can be accessed with a luggage cart). 1 or 2 teams of between 4 and 10 children can play at the same time. It lasts approximately 60 minutes and costs €16/player at our venue. If we go to your home, the price is €160/team plus travel supplement depending on the mileage.

We also have the escape room “The Magic Hallows”, set in the magic school, which is more spectacular since the children unlock doors entering the school and exploring several different rooms. This game is not always available, here you can see the calendar with the dates that we currently have open. They can play between 4 and 8 players and it lasts about 60 minutes. The price varies depending on the number of players (€96-160).

Ages 10+:

“Gladiators KIDS: Adventure in the Colosseum is an exciting escape room for 2-6 players. It’s not horror themed, but some sensitive kids might find it a bit scary as although battery operated torches are provided, the lighting is generally dim and there are some creepy props (bones and skulls). The objective of the players is to recover a hidden treasure in the Colosseum for which they must interact with all the objects that they find in the different rooms. The price varies depending on the number of players (€80-120).

The escape room “The Submarine KIDS” is ideal for 2-6 players to experience an adventure full of logic puzzles and teamwork on board a room set in a submarine. The price varies depending on the number of players (€80-120).

“TNT kids” is a police-themed portable game that can be played both at our premises (6 to 16 players) and at home (15 to 55 players). The children must become investigators and solve a police case to defuse a bomb and discover the criminal. They will have to analyze all the evidence, CSI style: inspect the files of the suspects, consult the case notes, do DNA and fingerprints analysis… super exciting! The game lasts approximately one hour and its price is €16/player at our venue, to which we must add a travel supplement if we go to your place.


To celebrate a small party or similar after the game, you can rent a party room inspired on the dining hall of the School of Magic, including a monitor for €60/hour. You can bring your cake, food or whatever you want (or choose a snack option from our catering) and we also have some table games available to complete the party.

If you want more information or want to book, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+34 644 455 495), WhatsApp or e-mail (info@escapemasnou.com).

What is an escape room? And an escape box? And an escape online?2021-07-01T20:41:35+02:00

An escape room is a live escape game in which a series of riddles, puzzles, logic tests, etc. must be solved. This may allow you to meet a certain goal and leave a room in where you will be locked together with a group of friends with whom you must collaborate. The games “Gladiators” and “The Soviet Submarine” are escape rooms. The game “The Magic Hallows” is an escape room for kids, where the monitors play a role in the room.

An escape box is a group game in which a challenge or objective is to be met in a certain time. All the tools to solve it are in a series of boxes that contain all the riddles and elements necessary to solve them, so the room in which you play is not part of the game nor you are locked in. They are usually portable games, which can be played at home. The games “TNT”, “The Tasting” and “The Witch’s Luggage” are escape boxes. Some people may also refer to these kind of games as escape halls. We consider the main difference is that an escape box is a portable game, whereas an escape hall is not always portable.

An escape online is a group game in which you also have to solve riddles and enigmas in order to develop the plot but without being locked and having to escape from any room, since the players are communicating remotely via multiconference. “Hungover” is an escape online.

Can I change or cancel a reservation?2021-07-01T20:33:59+02:00

Any change or cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance by contacting us by any of the published means. Otherwise, no refunds will be done since we will not have enough time to fill the gap that was left vacant.

How many people can play at once?2022-11-30T13:22:28+01:00

We have game options from 2 to 60 players:

In the case of “The Soviet Submarine” and “Gladiators” the number of players must be at least 2 and in no case exceed 6, both for space and gameplay. If you are more than 6 people you can split into two groups and play in parallel in both rooms or choose one of the games for larger groups that we have at your disposal.

“The Sailboat” is available for 2 to 4 players.

For larger groups, we have the “The Tasting” (9 to 60 players) and “TNT” (6 to 55 players) escape boxes available.

“The Magic Hallows” is available for groups of 4 to 8 players and “The Witch’s Luggage” can be played by two groups from 4 to 10 kids each simultaneusly.

I am afraid of being locked up. What if I need to leave the room?2021-07-01T20:52:13+02:00

All doors have an automatic opening system that can be activated by pressing a button from inside the room. In case of emergency or indisposition you can leave at any time if you need to. Our staff will also watch you through closed circuit cameras throughout the game, so you can count on their help if you need it. Any person that leaves the room mid-game using the emergency button may reenter the game once they feel better, thought the game will not be stopped.

What clothes should I wear?2021-07-01T20:54:48+02:00

In the games you are not required to do any physical activity and no specific clothing is needed. Any clothes you feel comfortable with are suitable.

Can pregnant women play?2019-10-22T14:08:07+02:00

All of our games are safe for pregnant women. There are no shocks or scares nor demanding physical activities.

For what ages it is recommended?2021-07-01T21:00:32+02:00

Our most veteran player became a gladiator at 93 years and many babies have also dared to participate in our missions together with their parents!

We recommend that to fully enjoy the experience of “The Soviet Submarine”, “Gladiators” and “The Tasting” all team members are at least 14 years old. However, children under 10 years can also access the room and play if they are accompanied by an adult who guides and directs them. Please take into account that the difficulty of these game can be high for children.

“TNT” has a family version suitable for players from age 10 on and also an adult version.

In the case of “The Magic Hallows” and “The Witch’s Luggage” the recommended ages are between 8 and 12. Younger children can also play if accompanied by adults. Adults can also play while accompanying children, but the protagonists will be the youngest.

How can I book?2021-07-01T21:08:46+02:00

Choose the game and select the day and time you wish to book on the calendar. Then enter your contact information and proceed with secure payment by credit card or pay in cash at the venue on game day.

You can book several sessions at once by selecting the free spaces you want and making a single payment for all of them.

You will receive a reservation confirmation email. If you have any questions, need assistance or want to request an invoice, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+34 644 455 495) or e-mail (info@escapemasnou.com).

For reservations with less than 4 hour notice, please call +34 644 455 495.



Is it scary?2019-11-26T10:39:25+01:00

No, in none of our games will you feel fear or horror. For the most fearful, “Gladiators” may be a bit dark and there are some somewhat gloomy decorative objects, but that’s it. There are no actors or anyone inside the room to scare you.

What are the available slots to play?2022-11-30T13:17:26+01:00

You can check all available gaps in the reservations section of each game. For reservations less than 4 hours in advance, call us: there may be a gap but you cannot book online with such short notice. To hire any of our escape box games (“The tasting”, “TNT”, “TNT kids” or “The Witch’s Luggage”) at your place, contact us by phone or e-mail.

What if we don’t escape in due time?2019-10-22T13:51:40+02:00

If you don’t complete the challenge, you will have had a great time all the same. You can not stay overnight, we will let you out of the room.

What language is used in the game?2021-07-01T20:36:11+02:00

The games are available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

How much does it cost?2023-01-06T23:17:30+01:00
Prices vary depending on the game and the number of players, it ranges between 16 and 35 euros per person. In the reservations page you can see the prices of each game. If you want a budget to play “The tasting”,“TNT” or “The Witch’s Luggage” at home you can easily request it by filling out the form or contacting us.