The Soviet Submarine

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The survival of the entire crew depends on you!

The alarms go off. You have been isolated along with other comrades in a safe area of the Soviet nuclear submarine in which you are deployed and all indicators mark a critical loss of oxygen. Regain control of the submarine and take it to port before it is too late. Even better if you find out what went wrong.

A thrilling escape room, ideal for challenge lovers.

2-6 players
3 levels
60 minutes
Ages 10-14
safe during


  • 2 players – 35€/person (70€/group)
  • 3 players – 25€/person (75€/group)
  • 4 players – 20€/person (80€/group)
  • 5 players – 18€/person (90€/group)
  • 6 players – 16€/person (96€/group)

Below is the calendar with available sessions. If you do not know the exact date on which you will play or you want to give the experience as a gift, you can buy a gift voucher with an open date here.

To book less than 4 hours in advance please call +34 644 455 495.

Difficulty * 

Depending on the difficulty, some games are modified to adapt them to the chosen level. Clues are provided at all levels whenever necessary.

Enigmatic challenge

“The Soviet Submarine” is the hardcorest room in Escape Masnou. The enigmas are the protagonists of this adventure: observe, relate and use your noodle to solve this entertaining challenge. Any detail can be important to complete the mission, so do not overlook anything. You will need the collaboration of your teammates to get out of this, communication is key! Let yourself be carried away by a careful setting and a story spun in detail and show what you are capable of!