Gladiators KIDS: Adventure in the Colosseum

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Recover the missing treasure!

Some time ago a gladiator hid a stolen treasure in the bowels of the Colosseum. There is a show today and the fighting has just begun. With everyone distracted, you have an hour to infiltrate the Colosseum and retrieve the treasure. Will you be able to escape with the treasure before they catch you?

“Gladiators KIDS: Adventure in the Colosseum” is an escape room full of mysteries and ingenuity: live an adventure with your friends. The difficulty is adapted for the youngest and a supervisor accompanies them during the game to guide them if necessary.

2-6 players
60 minutes
ages 10-14
ok for
unnaccompanied minors
in the room


  • 2 players – 80€/group
  • 3 players – 90€/group
  • 4 players – 100€/group
  • 5 players – 110€/group
  • 6 players – 120€/group

To book less than 4 hours in advance please call +34 644 455 495.

Complete your experience

Rent a party room for the aftergame. The 20 m2 room is equipped with a long table with tablecloths, a side table, 20 stools and Harry Potter-style decoration. Catering can be brought from home or hired separately. Ask us about the menu options.

Immersive adventure

“Gladiators KIDS: Adventure in the Colosseum” has an extremely immersive atmosphere, which will transport you to ancient Rome. The younger ones will infiltrate the circus to retrieve a lost treasure. Therefore, they will have to observe well, relate the objects they find and communicate with the rest of the teammates to solve all the puzzles and advance in the game.

A different birthday

To make it a great birthday, rent a room for an hour to celebrate a party after the game: comment on the play, blow out the candles, put on your music and have fun! Contact us by e-mail ( or phone (644 455 495) to confirm availability.