Team Building in Barcelona: our activities for companies

Solve a mystery, close a police case, find an antidote, defuse a bomb… our escape games are the team building activities you’ve been looking for!

Team building activities at home

We bring the fun directly to your location, adapting to your needs in indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer activities for large groups from 6 to 150 players, with adjustable difficulty options. In addition, you can combine our activities with gastronomic options in partner restaurants. We offer activities in several languages and dedicated game masters to guarantee an unforgettable experience. Let’s make your team building event a success!

Our games for big groups

Immerse yourself in exciting games designed to foster collaboration and strengthen bonds within your team. From the intriguing resolution of cases in Detectius Literaris to the exciting search for clues in Quien Calla Otorga. Our team building games will challenge you to work as a team to achieve common goals.

In addition, you can enjoy unique experiences such as Rural.FM, where you will cooperate in a radio station, or Gigantic Carcassonne, an expanded version of the classic board game. Adventures full of fun and collaboration await your team to create unforgettable memories and strengthen your work connection. Join the team building fun at Escape Masnou!


A missing partner with a shady investigation on-going. Will you be able to unravel the evidence and defuse the bomb?

  • 6-60

  • 60′

  • escape box

  • ES, CA, EN

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The tasting

All united to celebrate! After the initial toast you receive a mysterious message that will make you work against the clock to save your lives…

  • 9-80

  • 60′

  • escape box

  • ES, CA, EN

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Detectius Literaris

The Riding Hood Investigations agency is recruiting agents to help solve a case in the world of the Grimm Brothers tales.

  • 50-150

  • 45′-120′

  • street escape

  • CA

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Quien calla otorga

Year 1936. The most anticipated theatrical premiere of the year on Broadway. One dead and many suspects. Who is the murderer?

  • 12-40

  • 75′-120′

  • live cluedo

  • ES

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The waves of this radio station in a small mountain town are all yours. Cooperate to broadcast the programme!

  • 12-100

  • 90′

  • role-playing

  • ES

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Dirty Jobs

Manage a crisis office in a constantly changing war and strategic scenario where adaptation to events is key to success. Your actions will decide the course of history.

  • 10-24

  • 110′-130′

  • role-playing

  • ES

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Gigantic Carcassonne

The classic board game, now giant-sized! Collaborate with your companions by building roads, cities, fields or monasteries.

  • 5-25

  • 30′-90′

  • giant boardgame

  • ES, CA, EN

The importance of team building for companies

Team building, or team strengthening, plays a fundamental role in the success of companies today. The importance of this practice lies in its ability to improve collaboration and working relationships between employees, resulting in a more harmonious and productive work environment.

First of all, team building promotes effective communication. By participating in activities designed to encourage interaction among coworkers, employees learn to listen and express their ideas more clearly and assertively. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace.

Additionally, team building reinforces trust among team members. By facing challenges together and overcoming obstacles in an environment outside of the work routine, employees learn to trust the skills and abilities of their colleagues, which results in greater cohesion and mutual support in daily work.

Another key aspect is improving collaboration. Team building games and activities foster synergy between team members, allowing them to better understand individual strengths and how they can complement each other. This leads to increased efficiency and the ability to work together more effectively to achieve common goals.


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