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Manage a crisis office with lives at stake


Secrets and intrigues

This cooperative role-playing game allows up to 24 participants and is very suitable for motivating workers in an enjoyable way. Complicity, division of tasks and control in stressful situations are encouraged from a playful perspective.


👪 Organize a team building event.

📓 Provide support to a coaching activity.

🤝 Improve interpersonal relationships.

🕸 Strengthen team cohesion.

🎤 Liven up a conference or congress.

🏆 Reward workers playfully.

💬 Promote communication between colleagues.

💥 Enhance creative thinking.

😎 Relax the work environment.


💭 Creativity

💬 Effective communication

🧩 Conflict resolution

💪 Self-confidence

👪 Spirit of belonging

✅ Decision making under pressure

🧘 Stress management

🔄 Adaptation to change

👍 Motivation


How to play?

A walkie-talkie and several aerial photos

🎭 Players choose a role based on their preference: each one has a different weight in reference to interpretation, interaction with other characters or decision-making. There are politicians, soldiers, civilians, journalists…

👔 The players are separated into the 3 connected spaces according to their character (the oval office, the operations room and the communications area) and the action begins. Each player will play a different character, with their own personality and interests.

📰 During the game they receive information about events that are happening in real time that they must analyze. They will need to interact with other players and make decisions and act accordingly according to their character.

📺 The different decisions and interactions will mark the development of history, in an environment of diplomatic and war crisis. Depending on the actions of each character, the story will have one outcome or another, just as it would happen in real life.


Crisis in the Middle East

We received worrying news from a journalist at an unstable region of the Middle East. The presidential crisis cabinet must be mobilized, but many cross interests arise and some of them are in conflict with the general interest.

We are facing an asymmetric conflict with the lives of compatriots at stake. An experience in which the five powers of society and their influence become evident. A constantly changing war and strategic scenario where adaptation to events is key to success and in which your actions will decide the course of history.

A TV showing the POTUS giving a speech


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