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A crazy radio station. What can go wrong?


Relax the atmosphere on any occasion

This cooperative role-playing game allows up to 100 participants and is very suitable for breaking the ice and livening up any company event. The division of tasks and camaraderie are encouraged from a playful and festive perspective.


πŸ”¨ Breaking the ice.

πŸ‘ͺ Organising a team building event.

🀝 Improving interpersonal relationships.

πŸ•Έ Strengthening team cohesion.

🎀 Livening up a party.

πŸ† Rewarding workers playfully.

πŸ’¬ Promoting communication and integration between colleagues.

πŸŽ„ Livening up the company dinner.

😎 Relaxing the work environment.


πŸ’­ Creativity

πŸ’¬ Effective communication

🧩 Improvisation capacity

βœ‚οΈ Division of tasks

πŸ‘ͺ Spirit of belonging

🀝 Teamwork

several people observing a man with a microphone


How to play?


πŸ‘ͺ Different roles are assigned to the players: announcers, reporters, listeners, technicians and editors.

✍ During the first 30 minutes of the game, all players must cooperate to prepare the script for the radio programme by contributing ideas and using the support cards provided to them.

🎀 The time has come for the live broadcast of the programme: you will be on the air for an hour and all the players will have the opportunity to collaborate. For added fun, the programme can be recorded to listen to it later and comment on the play.

πŸ₯³ The broadcast becomes a party in which everyone participates and collaborates: the announcers will read the script and the teletypes they receive from the editors, the listeners will make live calls, the reporters will interview various characters, the technicians will animate the party playing music… the game master may even start playing the guitar!


Game needs

🏑 Indoor or outdoor space large enough to fit all the players, ideally theater type, but not essential. If you do not have your own space, we collaborate with several spaces where we can organize the activity.

πŸͺ‘ Two large tables (170*70 cm approx.) and about 4-6 chairs.

πŸ”Œ Access to a power outlet.

⏳Timing (approx. 2h30 of space use in total):

  • Assembly: 15 minutes
  • Introduction, game and farewell: 90-120 minutes
  • Disassembly: 15 minutes
several people dancing in an office
a psychedelic cow talking into a microphone


A crazy radio station!

The residents of a small mountain town have insisted on having their own radio station. They have finally achieved it but who will carry out the programmes?

Today it’s your turn to be in charge of the programming! The daily live broadcast begins shortly. The waves are yours and your neighbours are waiting for you. What could go wrong?


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