Those who are about to escape salute you!

You unlucky slaves have been bought as gladiators right at the worst time. The senator wants to take revenge on your escaped companion and is going to throw you to the lions, some really fierce ones. In an hour you have to go out to the arena to fight these big cats so: Ave, Caesar, morituri are getting out of here!

“Gladiators” is an immersive escape game, ideal for adventure lovers.

 de 2 a 6 jugadores  2 niveles de dificultad a elegir 60 minutos de juego Los menores de 10 a 14 años pueden juegar acompañados de un adulto Apto para embarazadas
2-6 players
2 levels
60 minutes
Ages 10-14
Safe during pregnancy


  • 2 players- 30€/person
  • 3 players- 25€/person
  • 4 players- 20€/person
  • 5 players- 18€/person
  • 6 players- 16€/person

To book less than 4 hours in advance please call +34 644 455 495.