The witch’s luggage

From: 68,00

Get the arcane ingredient without missing the train!

Magic professor Augusta Travelsmith has packed her bags for the School of Magic and mistakenly packed an arcane magic ingredient that she needs to retrieve as soon as possible. The express train to the school of magic leaves in an hour and her assistant is confused among so many suitcases and bags. We need your help to recover the arcane ingredient, seekers!

“The Witch’s Luggage” is a fun family escape game, ideal for 8-12 year olds and their families. As it is a portable escape box, you can play at our premises or choose where we go to play: at home, at school, in the park… anywhere is suitable!

4-20 players
Ages 8-12
60 minutes
minors accepted


  • At our premises:
    • 4 players – 20€/person
    • 5-20 players – 17€/person
  • At your place: 170€/team ≤10 players + Travel supplement. Ask for a non-binding estimate.

If you wish to play at our place you may book your game by choosing the slot that suits you best from the calendar below. Otherwise, please contact us at or +34 644 455 495  so we can make arrangements and come to your place.

Please call +34 644 455 495

  • to book less than 4 hours in advance
  • to book groups that are bigger than 10 players

Complete your experience

Rent a party room for the aftergame. The 20 m2 room is equipped with a long table with tablecloths, a side table, 20 stools and Harry Potter-style decoration. Catering can be brought from home or hired separately. Ask us about the menu options.

We take the magic wherever you want

Since it is a portable game, you can play in our premises or choose where we go to liven up your party. We only need a space that can be accessed with a luggage trolley and in which all the players can fit together: at home, in the garden, in a park, at school… you choose the place!

Lots of suitcases to explore

“The Witch’s Luggage” is an ideal escape game to play as a family or just with friends. Gather a team of 4 to 20 wizard apprentices and help the intern with her luggage mess! The group will be divided into two teams if you are more than 10 players. The apprentices will have to go through all the packages, suitcases and boxes of the magic teacher Augusta Travelsmith’s luggage and find the arcane ingredient as soon as possible!

The teacher’s intern will be watching the children throughout the game, so they will not need to play accompanied by adults if they do not want to. Without parents it is an even more exciting adventure for them!

A special birthday

To warm up before the game prepare some gifts for the birthday person or for all the players. What a thrill to receive a personalized and sealed letter from the magic school inviting us to start the year! It also comes with a valid ticket for the school express train for each player. To make your imagination fly, dress up with the scarf of your House that we offer. You can book them on the web or purchase them directly at our store.

To make it a round birthday, after the game rent the Great Hall of the magic school for an hour to have a party: comment on the play, blow out the candles, put on your music and have fun! Take advantage of the magical atmosphere of the dining room, with its floating candles and the colorful banners of the Four Houses. Contact us by e-mail ( or telephone (644 455 495) to confirm availability.