The guardian of the magic hallows has suffered a dememorizing spell and does not remember where in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are these three powerful magical objects hidden.
A dangerous dark wizard is approaching. Help the guardian recover the magic hallows before they fall into bad hands!
An escape room experience ideal for children and families. Children from ages 8 to 12 years old can access the game alone. Also suitable for children under age 8 accompanied by their family.
 from 4 to 8 players The true heroes are the youngest 60 minutes gameplay Minors over 8 can play unaccompanied Play with an instructor in the room
4-8 players
Family game
60 minutes
in the room


  • 4 players – 22€/person
  • 5 players – 19€/person
  • 6 players – 18€/person
  • 7 players – 17€/person
  • 8 players – 16€/person


Due to its particular needs, “The magic hallows” game is available on all working days in the afternoon and some weekends.

To check availability or book contact us by filling out the following form or by phone +35 644 455 495. You may rather buy a gift voucher; you have a year to decide when to play.




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