The bunker

From: 90,00

Live World War II from the inside!

Entrenched inside the bunker, you and your fellow radio operators will decide the outcome of the battle against the German army. Intercept radio messages, decipher codes and confuse the enemy in this war role-playing game!

A single room that mixes escape room and live role-playing in which your decisions will determine the outcome of the story.

2-5 players
live role
120 minutes
At least 1 adult
per minor under 16
safe during


  • 2 players – 45€/person (90€/group)
  • 3 players – 32/person (96€/group)
  • 4 players – 25€/person (100€/group)
  • 5 players – 20€/person (120€/group)

To book less than 4 hours in advance please call +34 644 455 495.

Acting level * 

You can choose to play the room in escape mode, which does not require the player to play any role during the game, or choose role mode, which requires an acting effort from the players who will be assigned a character and must put themselves in their shoes when playing.

Role playing and enigmas

“The Bunker” is an escape room role-playing game that combines the best of two worlds: not only will you have puzzles to solve but you will also have to take on the role of an American soldier during World War II. More important than the room itself is the role you play in the story and how you interact with the elements of the game, with the other players and the game master. Get into your character’s shoes and take into account their situation. The ability to react and improvise is key to the development of the story! Decode and send radio messages and confuse the enemy to emerge victorious from “The Bunker.”